Mango pulp

We recommend several premium mango grades according to their location:

  1. Alphonso, Ratnagiri-Hubli location – worldwide classified to be mango grade number one as to flavour and colouring; minimum 16 Brix
  2. Alphonso – from the north-west coast – medium-quality flavour, minimum 16 Brix
  3. Alphonso – from south India – less intensive flavour, darker orange colouring, minimum 16 Brix
  4. Kesar – from the north-west coast – minimum 16 Brix, compared to Alphonso: to a greater extent highly fluid; less acidity.
  5. Totapuri, flavour of good qualtity, minimum 14 Brix.

Our partners in India dispose of a modern aseptic equipment certified according to ISO 22000 & Kosher. Mango pulp is barrelled in quantities of 220 kilos net or in 20 kilos aseptically packed.

Further packing sizes are either 10 or 5 or 3 kilos (domestic filling). Further detailed specification to be given on a separate sheet.

Alphonso harvest season begins in May/June Kesar and Totapuri harvest season begins in June/July.